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Software Engineer - Windows/Linux - C#/C++


Joe is a Software Engineering Freelancer. He has worked in a wide range of projects in all phases of the software development lifecycle. Designing, developing and supporting multithreaded applications and algorithms in a wide variety of industries including system software, statistical data analysis and industrial and building automation, utilizing C/C++/C#, on Windows/ Linux platforms.

"Software Engineers are relatively easy to find, but finding one who can also run projects, and communicate their needs to management is extremely rare." --Neil Walsh (General Manager R&D, Polartechics)


  • Fixed issues XenApp at Citrix including a single sign-on bug.
  • Developed Powershell tools for administration of XenDesktop at Citrix
  • At Schneider Electric I fixed issues with CitectSCADA which is a multi-threaded, multi-process, mixed mode (managed and unmanaged C++ and C#) application.
  • Addressed issues with Historian, a multithreaded .NET/SQL application with networking software wriiten in C++.
Developed an After Hours Air Conditioning (AHAC) request application at Advanced Building Automation Systems. This involved developing requirements gathering, design documenation using UML, developing sockets application in C#, and a telephone user interface in C++ talking to a Gupta SQL database.
Member of a team at Aristocrat that developed a distrubuted gaming system. Wrote a thread pool based on completion ports to handle peripheral devices.
Temple is software application developed using C++ and Delphi on Windows to assist in sales data analyssis of Fast Moving Consumer goods. One of my significant contributions at Aztec was to improve the performance of data access to a Faircom Ctree database by nearly six times reducing computation time from thirty minutes to less than five.

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